Thursday, January 23, 2014


Dear Kerby,

This is so true even years after the I Had A Dream speech from Martin Luther King JR. When will people ever learn. I guess it is something you are born with. What do you think is the next step?

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh

Friday, January 10, 2014

Here I Go Again!

Dear Kerby,

Lately I have been watching Rehab Addict on HGTV. (Most of the good tv shows on HGTV come from DIY Network which I do not have.) This is leading me to having thoughts on house renovation and remodel. Too bad I do not have a place of my own. Do not know how many times I have thought about a place of my own.

Looking at things for my house brought me to Thrive Home Furnishings. This brought me to to thinking about living room design, most of the time I focus on great design for a kitchen. With Thrive I know that I will be doing the fabric option and not leather. Not quite sure on a light or dark wood. Too many great colors of fabric to select from. This will lead me to getting a at of fabric samples. It drives me crazy because I might like one chair but then not the matching couch or vice versa. When It comes time I know the right decision will be made. Hardwood floor and rugs all the way. Goodbye carpet.

While looking at more living room ideas I stumbled upon a wonderfully written blog entitled Manhattan Nest - BKLYN. Daniel, the blog owner, says that the "blog is all about the process of DIY-ing, thrifting, and decorating my apartment into a nice little home." This is right where I wanted to be some day. I love seeing people take old things and give them new life. Daniel's blog is now on my Google Reader, not just anyone make it on my daily read list.

Daniel was also brave enough to write a post entitled No Freedom ’til We’re Equal. Something that you must go and read. This post touched my heart - even the attached video. From what I read, the post, might have been written partly because of the recent elections.

No matter who you are or what you look like, if you do great work I will like you. Someday I hope people remember me for my art. What do you want people to remember you for?

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Dear Kerby,

Cyber Monday got me hooked. Witht the email discounts coming in I wated to see what was out on the market. With a total of $25 (including shipping) what could one buy? The emails and discounts that were in my inbox were mainly from camera sites. From the looks of it, I have subcribed to a lot of toy camera site emails.

One site had some nice flashs or lens color filters but on the other site it had a Holga Pinhole Lens. After looking around and weighing it out the pinhole lens won. Yes, in total, I payed $21.24. Not a bad price for a plastic lens.

Since I got my Nikon1 I have been looking at lenses of all types. Can not wait to try out my Holga lenses and adapters but I have also been eyeing a set of Diana lenses. From research you have two sides: Holga vs Diana. Just debating if it worth it to get the same Holga lens like a fisheye or wide angle in the Diana format. Maybe someone can sway me on way or the other.

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh

Monday, November 25, 2013


Dear Kerby,

I have one promise that I tried to keep to myself since my brother move back home. I do not need to be in his life any more than normal just because I am an uncle. For years I got treated like I was nothing in his eyes. This is one thing I have to let go. When Christmas comes around his family will be getting a gift but that is about it. This is one thing I have to let go.

Not everything I would like to forget. When I find this happy medium of things or sweet spot in my life it just seems to disappear so fast. The next thing you know is all you have are the memories.

Sometimes you just have to let things go. You can not hold onto something forever even though you would like to. You can only cry so much.

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh

Friday, February 15, 2013


Dear Kerby,

People, mainly my mom, bug me. Quit talking to me. Every morning when I see my mom she is planted in front of the television. She has to say hello to me in this high pitched voice. I just want to pass by without the comments. I am not even to the back door and she still tell me to take a coat. Duh! It is winter. Every second I turn around or want to do something she says "You working on your homework?" I have a life and I know how to balance school and everything else. At the most random times she will saw these things. It is not that she says these little things but how she says them. I just says leave me alone and she still bugs me.

The other day she went through my things in the bathroom. This is my bathroom and currently none else uses it but me. I keep it clean and in an order I can find my things. I am missing some items now. I have the feeling she wanted to throw them away. I do not tell her what to do with her things nor do I touch them. Give me my space.

I have not one problem working with my dad and doing things. We get along just fine. I can have a normal conversation with him just fine. My dad knows how to take care of my brothers kid and the next minute my mom is all over my dad telling him what to do. The two of us could do just fine without my mom. My aunt tells me all the time that my dad gets pushed around too much by my mom and he never stand up for himself. For example: my dad said where he wanted to go for his birthday meal and my mom went some place she wanted to. It was not her day. My dad never stood up for himself. My dad would have told me to shut up if I would have stood up for him only because my mom would give us hell for a long time.

How do I tell my mom in the correct people do not like her or her attitude? One of my relatives said not to send a Christmas gift, but what does my mom do? She sent a gift and then brags about it to the other relatives. The other relatives knew not to send a Christmas gift. I do not know how many relatives my mom thinks has something against her.

My life would be different if I lived with someone different and grew up with someone different. So many times the tings around us shape us into who we are and who we will be. We can do something about that by changing the here and now.

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh

Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Camera

Dear Kerby,

Many people, my dad included, wonder why I have so many cameras. My response alway is, "Because every camera has a different function." The basics of a camera is, yes, to take a photo.

Over a years time or so(since I found out it was on the market) I have been into the Holga Pan 135. This means that the camera shoots panoramic photos on 35mm film. I started out the original 120 camera - the camera that everyone thinks of when I mention Holga. Do not know how many hacks people do to the 120 version including using the lens for digital cameras, try and add/remove light leaks, stitch photos together to take panoramic images, or load anything other than 120 film in the camera.

If you look around you will find that Holga makes each thing separately. I have a few lenses Holga made for digital, a Holga that can use 35mm film, and also an instant back for the Holga 120. Each one has mainly one function. When you try and use one camera to do everything it is not the same. Do not think I will ever put 35mm film in the 120 camera because it requires too much work.

One of the next purchases I will make in my Holga line besides buying the 35mm fisheye lens adaptor would be to buy the Holga Pan 135. Depending where you shop you will find that the camera comes with not only one lens but two. The camera has, not only, the standard lens but one for pinhole. Glad that is comes with two interchangeable lenses rather than a camera with a fixed lens and make me buy two cameras.

As stated previously, I said that every camera has a different function. With my Nikon 1 V1 it has multiple functions. That is why I purchased it. You must be scratching your head because I said I liked a one function for every camera. The Nikon 1 has not only photo but video. The Holga lens among others work wonders on still images but when I try and take video with anything other than the Nikon 1 lens I have no success. I kind of wanted a multi-function camera because I wanted video but was not going to use it enough to justify buying a separate camera.

What is your stand on the issue of using only one camera for everything? I know bears have to have some stance on the important issues in photography.

Talk to you later,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Know

Dear Kerby,

For once I have all my Christmas shopping done before December. One gift I wish I could give is one to my boyfriend. Currently I am not dating but am talking to a few guys. Maybe someone for New Years Eve.

The next step with my gift giving is to mail out and or deliver a few of my gifts. Since I have been done with high school my list has grown slightly. I have acquaintances in more places.

In the past years, buying a Christmas gift for me has not been a surprise. Mos of the time, it is not money I know what I am getting because my family asks me. I am always willing to get up at 6am and open/use the gifts even though I already know. Whatever I want is on my wish list which can be found here.

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh