Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dear Kerby,

What have you been up to? Where have you been lately?

Talk to you later,


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dear Kerby,

It has been a while since we last talked. I have been working on some of my art while going through some things.

Here is a screen shot of some of the elements that I have been working for the (dessert) taco truck I am designing. Yes, this truck sells dessert tacos. This is a project for my portfolio. An artist online was nice enough to share a truck template that anyone can use to turn into mock-up of a food truck. This project is fun to do and has me thinking all the time about every decision I make. Hope to show you more later on.

Talk to you later,


Friday, April 08, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Today's letter is about food. If you are hungry then you might need to read this letter later.

Since I have been out of high school I have been a vegetarian. It has been a struggle to find places to go out to eat and things to eat on the menu. Most places put at least one vegetarian item on the menu because they have to.

In this time I have made my share of vegetarian meals at home. Some of these meals could have been family meals but failed. No one else in the house cares to eat vegetarian food but me. My mom freaks out if she does not have meat in her meal but yet she has made me meatless meals before. My dad calls my cooking weird from time to time.

Now and again we have pizza night at the house. My mom puts a sausage pizza in the over for her and my dad and a cheese pizza for me. We get the simple pizzas from Aldi and sometimes I like it that way. Lately my mom has been adding more cheese to the pizzas. Last time we had pizza night I knew something tasted weird about the pizza. I told my mom not to add more cheese. I am the only eater of the cheese pizza. Would be different if someone talked to me about adding more cheese.

Pizza night happened again and so did my mom. The pizza was once again ruined with more cheese. I mad funny faces as I ate the pizza due to the more cheese. I am not here for her to judge her about eating her meat so do not screw up what I eat. I wanted to say something this time but I kept quiet as not to start a fight.

Mom dominates the kitchen and when food is not cooked by her she freaks out. I have cooked in replace of my mom on occasion. She feels the need to pester me every step of the way to make sure I am up to her standards. I would like to cook now and again for other people to let them know that I can do something.

The guy I am dating does not have a problem with my vegetarian cooking he eats it all the time. I have tried new recipes on date night and has enjoyed them. He has eaten vegetarian meatloaf (store bought) , faux chicken, faux beef, and many varieties of veggie burgers. When I get a pace of my own I will make more meals like this even when guests come over.

What would you do if someone messed up your meal? Have you ever tried a vegetarian meal before?

Talk to you later,

Wrong Food

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Dear Kerby,

I designed my mom's business cards. They arrived on Tuesday - all fifty of them. She liked them. I think I should have tacked on a design fee like I would charge a regular client.

I have my Adobe CC programs for a few more days. I have to decide if I want to renew or cancel the programs based how much money I currently have.

In this time if having the programs I have been working on designs for myself. One of them needed color advice. I asked my mom what color to use; it was between two colors. The first thing out of her mouth was, "And who are you doing this for?"

I am glad I did not answer that question because she would have started drama. Can I not do what I want to? I went to school for this and this is something for me to better myself at. It makes be feel good doing some design work now and again even if it is for myself.

I have a few items I have been saving to get printed for my portfolio. This would be one of them when it is finally finished.

I was using Pantone swatches and could not decide if I wanted a warm gray or a cool gray. This is what made me go to my mom. I have one color in mind but have yet to make the ultimate decision.

How do you feel when you go to someone for advice and they shoot you down?

Talk to you later,

Design Time

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Last Wednesday or Thursday I became sick. Runny nose and slight cough. Today I still have the sickness but it is not the same. I have had long spans of not coughing, sneezing, or running nose today. That must say something about me getting better. On top of this I have no fever.

Since I have been sick I have not been on the computer like I wanted to be. I paid for one month of the Adobe CC and I see the programs are not used to the full potential. The last project I worked on were business cards for my mom. Some designed her business cards years ago. She is either out of them and can not get more or just needs a new design.

I have yet to finish some of the projects I started working on several months ago. I started them when I worked with the programs more often. Maybe I will make progress before this next months payment comes due. I have to make the decision soon to renew or cancel the programs.

wish I could find a job so I would not have to worry about this problem.

Not sure what to think at this point.

Talk to you later,

Work More

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Sometimes I dislike my living conditions. I currently live with my parents. My mom can be a two faced double crosser. She says one thing and does the opposite. She is mad or some form of negative most of the time and I try and stay away from it.

  • If I do not say good morning to her she will try and wreck the day. What is wrong with a quiet, peaceful morning?
  • When she wants to get mad she tells me that the dogs are hers. From time to time she wants me to feed them and pickup after them.
  • My nephew comes over several times a week. He wants to have fun with his grandmother. My mom is not the fun type. She is on the couch watching television most likely. I am the bad person for trying to take care of my nephew. I just stop caring and go about with my own thing.
  • I have tried many times to vacuum when she is around and I get in trouble with her for using the wrong vacuum. She has two vacuums and they both operate the same way. Who needs to own two vacuums?
  • I was in the bathroom the other day with the fan on and door closed. This means that I can only hear myself think. My mom yells from the bottom thinking I can hear her. I never heard a word she said. She comes back later thinking I heard what she said. At this point she is mad with me because I am not talking to responding. If this were me, I would not yell across the house. She has to understand that I might be sleeping, listening to music, or have headphones on.
  • I dare not use the phone when I am upstairs because my conversations are not private. She thinks I am using cellphone minutes (when I had the old phone plan). This is also why I do not voice chat on my computer when she is around. I go to my car and use the phone.
  • At a certain time of the night it is quiet time. I respect quiet time when she is in bed sleeping but If I want to be up I should have the right to be.
  • I am not safe working on my computer. She says I do nothing all day and I am lazy. Not my fault that you are so anti-computer.
  • I can not write an email for my dad due to my parents sharing an email. My mom goes through all the emails as if they are hers.
  • Do not freak out over stupid stuff. My mom will over analyze everything.

I am not saying that I am the best person in the world. I just want to live a different lifestyle than my mom. Her life is hers not mine. I respect everyone in different ways.

How do you deal with someone you are not so fond of?

Talk to you later,


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Dancing with the Stars; it is back for another season this spring. The first episode was Monday night.

Since Ellen's Design Challenge is over I now have another competition show to watch. I have watched bits and pieces of American Idol over the years (sad to see it going) but never stuck with it. With the television I have access to Dancing with the Stars is a good choice for myself.

I am not sure what I will be watching this summer as it is way different than the fall or spring seasons. I might have to catch up on my Malissa and Joey, which was a summer only show. Maybe Netflix or the like will have full seasons of shows to enjoy from the pat year.

Are you into any competition shows: baking, cooking , design, dancing, or other? What is your reaction to summer shows? How do you handle it when a show you are watching ends a season?

On the flip side I have not been sitting around watching television all day. I have been keeping up with my workouts and daily goals.

In December I received a gift card for lovely Target. In return, I got two new pairs of pants. One is a skinny style jean and the other is a relaxed light wash.

Both pairs of pants fit when I purchased them in January. I noticed that the waist in the one pair is a little loose. Even my belt could not fit that. The ass just right not to let them sag. This must men that I am doing something right in my workouts.

Each day that I have I weigh in this past month I see the scale telling me I am loosing it. It is partly, due to the fact, that I changed the numbers of calories I consume in a day. The other part has to do with my heart rate when I exercise.

The Fitbit app tracks my heart rate via the heart rate monitor in my tracker. Since I got the tracker I have been burning quite a bit of fat which is equivalent to a low number heart rate. Lately, I have higher number which sends me up and into the cardio heart rate zone more often.

Hoping to look good and feel healthy.

Talk to you later,

Television Weight