Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Monday — Friday is equal to one workweek according to Fitbit. Fitbit has a competition called the Workweek Hustle. During the week of February 25 — February 29 I hit a goal of 55,384 steps total with a daily goal of 11,000 steps. Some days I did less and other days I did more to make up for previous days. I am proud of myself for doing this many steps. Some of the steps happened to be during exercise.

This week is a new month. I am trying something new. I read in various places that morning workouts are better than other times of the day. For one week I am going to try morning workout and see what difference it makes. Take a look at what the American Heart Association has to say. When I first got my Fitbit I tried some morning workouts just for fun. When I did a morning workout I burned enough calories to not have any of my calories show up in Lose It! for that day; everything zeroed out. I did not know what was happening but for myself it was hard to reproduce.

This week I plan:

  • Not to over eat and stay in my calorie budget
  • Meet my daily goals.
  • Meet my weekly goals.
  • Try and earn a few badges along the way.
I am not exactly sure how this is any different than any other week. I feel a little bit with it since I upped my daily steps from 10,000 to 11,000 to help with reaching my weight goal.

Since December, I have a had a turn around; I started to gain weight. I do not think it had anything to do with the holidays because November/Thanksgiving did not cause a problem. I have been under my calories and have met my calorie burn/step goals or close to meeting them every day in January. The Fitbit has a polygon for how many days I exercise. Every day I do what constitutes an exercise I get a side to a polygon. I normally do 5 days which equals the pentagon. My goal is set for 5 days. If I do only 4 days it never turns into a square but rather an open polygon.

I will let you know if this makes any difference and I am on the up for the weight loss. Are you where you should be in life with your goals? Are you doing what makes you happy?

Talk to you later,

Turn Around

Monday, February 01, 2016

Dear Kerby,

I have been on Lose It! ever since I purchased my iPad2 many years ago and still am throughout my technology upgrades. The health tracking company has created a nice website and app where I can log the food (calories) I consume in the form of meals and snacks. When I am not consuming food I can track my activity. Activity can be anything from walking to vacuuming; anything that gets you moving.

To keep you motivated and excited about fitness the program awards badges for eating so many veggies (such as a trunk load), weighing in multiple many times a week, or keeping on track (train tracks) with your health goals. These are a few I have received since signing up.

Lose It! let me connect a fitness tracker to my standard account. This is partly why I got the Fitbit Charge HR. The fitness tracker began to work seamlessly with what I currently had. I could record my steps, sleep, and workouts with one and my food with the other. Shortly after logging on one app or website the data would be in sync with the other website/app.

Fitbit is a lot like Lose It! where it gives badges to motivate the user. Since Fitbit is for fitness badges might include: number of floors climbed, lifetime distances, or best ______ in a day. Each badge is equal to a real life event such as crossing the London Underground, becoming a skydiver, or even climbing the Redwood Forest.

For myself, I like the badge system. The badges let me know that I am not out floating in space with my fitness. I was always excited to get badges from Lose It! app when I first started. I am always looking on either app for goals I need to accomplish in order to achieve a badge. Sometimes a badge will come by happy accident. If you have fitness apps or websites you use frequently do they offer badges/rewards? How do you feel about a reward system like this? Which badges or goals are you currently working towards?

Talk to you later,

Badges of Accomplishment

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dear Kerby,

When I got a new iMac in October 2015 I had the trial version of the Adobe Creative Cloud or CC programs. Not only did I want to try them out before buying them, but I wanted a few weeks free. At this point I knew what the basics were since I was working with the Adobe graphic programs for several years now. Having the free trial of CC helped me save my money and brought me up to speed with the new features. The trial ended and the programs became locked while still installed on my computer. The only way to use the CC was to pay for one month. 

Since having the CC I worked on projects that were previously unfinished along with new and upcoming ideas. For some reason I felt like I wanted to be back at my last school where we produced  projects every few weeks. Producing graphic design projects help keep my mind on something enjoyable.

The job I had ended, in October, and so did my income. With no job eventually came an end to the design programs. I still have all my files saved on my verious drives but it was a must to have the CC version. Without specially saving the programs for previous versions I could not use them elsewhere. saving for older versions may encounter data loss.

Since no CC I have been looking at different pendant lights and sofas because of my other enjoyment; interior design. Today I felt like sewing some pillows. The site Ikea Hackers has also peaked my interest. The hackers site reminds me of how sellers update antiques on ETSY.

In the end I feel like getting up and doing things while also being creative.

Talk to you later,


Monday, January 25, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Somehow I have been thinking of a lot about items I could spend money on. Most of these items I could currently do without. It is sort of like a wish list that will never be real, maybe only for my mind. Oh yeah, I have a real set of wish lists through Amazon.

One item on my mind is a new phone. I do not need one but it would be nice. Mine has a few problems.

  • The phone is an old model because they have on model newer.
  • I go a phone case when the phone arrived. The case is not the best. I do not want to invest into this phone only to get a new one.
  • I believe that I got my last update that available for this phone this past fall. It can no longer have software updates.
  • Places can recycle my old phone.
Here is the downside to getting a new phone:
  • Do I really need one? This phone does what I want it to do.
  • Can I recycle my old phone case?
  • Will a new phone without a contract cost more that I expect?

Another item on my imaginary wish list happens item is a new Fitbit. Fitbit has recently come out with the Blaze (currently for preorder only on the Fitbit website). In the future I will most likely see it in stores with the other products in the line.

  • The Blaze has a screen than gives off more information about being active.
  • The screen is in color.
  • I can give my current Fitbit to someone that will use it.
  • It comes with a Plum wristband just like the one I currently use.
On the other side:
  • What I have works fine for what I need.
  • I could spend my money somewhere else.
  • Will it help me be more active/motivated than I currently am?
  • Not sure I want to have multiple watch band for the tracker. I do not go many place where I need to change styles.

What are some items on your wish list? Are these items you need or want? Would you ever pay for them yourself if you had the money for them?

Talk to you later,


Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Kerby,

I have been in search of the perfect items for the "perfect apartment", which I do not have as of yet. It is going to be two "bedrooms". One will be the standard master bedroom and the other will be part office and part guest room. I understand that I will not have guests staying over all the time, but I would still like a place for them to stay. I have been looking into the theme of something surf/tropical/tribal/Polynesian. Many Ideas have come to me such as Tropical Hollywood Regency. Really?

I have been set, for a while, on the main color of the room being an avocado or apple green (PMS 2294, 371, or 7737), even though I am not into green. Green with a splash of orange and medium/dark brown wood tones. The green could be the sleeper sofa color or in the accessories.

I am looking into a simple profile desk that will be wider than deeper and minimal drawers. I have seen some in a clean white that I happen to enjoy as well as a wood version. Along with the desk will be a nice desk chair. I have not settled on any particular design. Here are two that caught my eye: orange Pollock Executive Chair by Knoll with arms or maybe the White Chippendale Arm Chair by Jonathan Adler. When searching around one will find knockoffs of the Knoll and Adler chairs at an affordable price.

Some accessories for the room could be 60s tiki glassware, brass pineapples, or something Polynesian to match the bigger items. To date, no single accessory for the room has had the I have got to have that feeling.

I have not put this much thought into other designs for an apartment. The rest of the apartment will be a combination of what my man want along with what I can handle. He would likes to see the space before he goes all crazy in making budgets and designing the space. I am totally opposite in which I want plan out a budget and go for what I want. I do not think that we will always be on opposing sides.

I hope you have a thought in all of this and can give me some advice.

Talk to you later,

The Room

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Kerby,

A few years ago my mom got a nice wooden box of multiple flavours of tea. She never really drank any of it. As a result I started to drink the tea. After starting to drink the tea my aunt gave me a box of candy cane tea and a box of coconut style tea. I think I became know as the tea drinker of the house. To me, tea is not that bad.

For Christmas this year my mom got me a box of cranberry vanilla tea. I think she got that flavour only because she likes the holiday Cranberry Sierra Mist. after drinking the tea I came to the conclusion that it is not the worst thing ever. I could be drinking a giant bottle of soda pop every day. One of my goals for this year is to drink more of tea that I have at home and buy less. When I am low then I can buy more.

I broke that goal because I was in search of box of watermelon lime tea from Celestial Seasonings yesterday. That multiple places had this particular box of tea. I never did find the tea after visiting three of the places that the website said it would be online. Somehow, my mom got the idea that she wanted to buy it online. In my mind I was yelling and trying to stop her from ordering it. Like I said previously, I have to drink what I have. Her spending habit does not help any.

What do you think of tea? Do you like yours hot or cold? Any good flavours? Do you put in milk or honey?

Talk to you later,

Tea Time

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Last year I started working on losing some weight. As a result I took time to look at all the fitness trackers on the growing market. I was impressed by the Fitbit HR due to it serving dual purpose as a watch and a fitness tracker. I was let down at the time I got mine because I wanted it in the tangerine color that had been showing up all over the wed. Instead, I got the plum. Why not? Certain variations of happen purple/violet are my favorite. (Pantone 2593 is a love of mine) I am still trying to fit multiple types of exercise into my ever changing life. When I got the tracker I was more active due to having a job. Now, I am home looking for a new job.

Along with my time off I have been working on some graphic design work for myself. I tend to start one project and move on to another. Very little have I finished. Somehow I find fault which puts a hold on the process of creation. This time it is trying to come up with the money to pay for the design programs in Adobe Creative Cloud. In some ways I like the Creative Cloud other ways I dislike it. It is not the best thing for me right now (price wise). I was never one of those students that had to have the latest version of the Adobe Suite every time it was updated. I had Adobe Creative Suite 5 for years when Everyone had version 6 or even CC.

For the new year I came up with a loose spreadsheet budget plan on how to keep track of where my money goes which will help me reach some financial goals. One goal is to pay off my new iMac from October of 2015. Besides the budget I plan on being more organized since I have been working a log from home the past two months. I have a file box that has colored file folders, new desk accessories from the dollar store, and a feeling of well-being when organized. I wish everything was easy to organize as my computer/desk.

What is one major goal/project/task you have been trying to achieve since last year?

Talk to you later,

New Year, Same Me